New website

The new ALA Ricambi website is characterized by its simple and clean style, while providing a pleasant visual quality and a good usability level.

The webite was created by UNICA Web Agency with xhtml, php, MySQL, CSS technologies, completely renovated and developed using semantic xhtml for content and CSS for presentation, avoiding the use of tables for layout and presentational markups.

That’s why we tried to promote a high level of accessibility for this site, letting contents be accessible through a wide range of devices and user agents, including PDAs, smartphones, text browsers and screen readers. As we know XHTML and CSS are valid under the rules of the W3C.

Browsing on mobile devices is optimized using a specific stylesheet type called “handheld”, created for browsers for PDAs and smartphones.

The printing out process of the pages of the site is also optimized using another specific stylesheet, “print”. The use of XHTML and CSS also helps keeping the code clean and simple, devoid of redundancy, and reading more pages, encouraging the indexing process of search engines.

The management of the website is achieved through a custom CMS (content management system) that allows, without any technical knowledge, to manage the website independently.

The new site will include access to news in RSS format (standard for content distribution).

With RSS you can be always informed about our products without entering the site, just by using a free feed reader or your browser (more information on news in RSS).

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